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KITC Core Value : Pursue Evolution and Learning

Core Values S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-S himself both personally and professionally. He never feels stuck in a rut, as there are no dead-end jobs at the KITC Family of companies. Core Values knows...

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KITC Core Value10: Be Modest

Core Values knows that despite all the great things the KITC Family has accomplished in the past, there will always be challenges ahead. No matter what happens, Core Values is...

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KITC Core Value1: Wow everybody by Outstanding Service

Core Values  thinks anything worth doing is worth doing with WOW. To WOW, Core Values  differentiates himself by doing things in an unconventional and innovative way. He goes above and...

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KITC Core Value7: Build a Progressive Team and Family Spirit

Core Values wants to build a family, not just a team. Core Values as a manager serves those he leads by removing obstacles and enabling his direct reports to succeed....


Virtual Office

KITC has the enviable experience of working with 250 plus clients in 10 countries, in 4 years.This has helped us understand the diverse business needs of large corporate companies as well as small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). We have created a unique business solution – the VIRTUAL OFFICE - to cater to the specific needs of such companies and CXOs.

Our Location

Our Mission is to work with more than 500 employees and make Bangladesh IT industry a better place to build your career. Be with the best and get the most out of the largest industry of 21st Century. 
KITC wishes to be largest Outsourcing Company in the history of Bangladesh Information Technology industry by providing outstanding service to the US clients. We provide specific training to help you get a job in the most challenging and exciting industry of earth.  

Some of Our Clients

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